Sales & Hotel Marketing

Leveraging our client’s strength in the market

We create hotel marketing strategies suited for each one of our properties to leverage their strength in the market. Our branding and marketing efforts are created under a comprehensive strategy that comprises all areas of hotel marketing necessary to reach and further expose the brands and achieve the desired results. We have also created vanity sites that are used as platforms not only to deliver content to the user, but also to market and suggest our properties.

We develop targeted plans for each of our hotels and casinos, by analyzing their specific needs and the profile of their potential customers.

eMarketing- Our e-marketing strategy allow us to build lasting customer relationships. By developing an integrated strategy that include platforms to engage actively with our clients through social media and the use of the database generated by each hotel, we are in tune with the needs and wants of our visitors. We create proprietary platforms and use them as leverage to maintain visibility and increase bookings.

Public Relations- We work with two Public Relations agencies, one in Puerto Rico and one in the United States. We use their services according to the desired market to maximize our hotel brands. For us, Public Relations represent a bigger investment than advertising.


Relationships are the core of our business and that why we are in tune with our key corporate accounts needs.


Our properties accommodate meetings, conventions, and other events with specific strategies for all group’s segments, from small corporate meetings to large social events. Local and abroad, we seek opportunities that match the needs of our hotels.


We associate with travel agencies and connect directly with customers to make sure our clients have a memorable vacation.

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