Condado Vanderbilt Hotel

Location: San Juan
Brand Affiliation: Preferred Hotels

The hotel opened in 1919 as the grand-dame of the hotels in Puerto Rico, the epitome of luxury… after numerous ownerships and brands, the hotel closed its doors as Condado Beach in 1995.

IHE saw the opportunity to bring back a historically luxurious hotel that caters to the most affluent visitors creating a new benchmark for amenities and service compared to none.

The original 93-room structure was designed by the architectural firm of Warren Wetmore, famed creators of New York’s Grand Central Station and such famous New York hotels as the Biltmore, the Commodore and the Ambassador. In addition to the original hotel structure, two- eleven story ultra-luxury suite towers were added under the terms of a 99-year lease agreement with the Puerto Rico government’s Hotel Development Corporation.

This hotel, which was inaugurated on January 31, 2015 under a Preferred Hotels affiliation, was renovated by the design team of Marvel Marchand Architects and Rosselló Interior Designs and is managed by IHE.